How to Choose The Right Garden Shed

Always choose the biggest shed that will fit all your items and fit in the desired location in your backyard. Measure the space correctly and consider obstructions that may interfere with the construction of the shed such as tree branches, other buildings, easements and the proximity to your neighbors fence and make notes on anything around the area including fences, trees etc.

Create a list of all items that you want to store in the shed, you might be surprised by how large a space you actually need.

How To Choose The Colour

When considering colour, although personal preference is important also consider choosing a colour that compliments your existing fence as well as the trim colours on your fascia’s and window frames of your house.

If selecting a light colour like zinc, will the sun reflection cause issues in the backyard. Please note some local authorities don’t allow zinc sheds because of this reason.

About The Owner- Andrew

About us 200pxAs a horticulturist I saw a need for garden storage when designing and constructing landscape gardens for homeowners.

I researched the many garden sheds available and discovered Oldfields garden sheds to be the best shed available to meet my customers needs, after meeting with Hugh Oldfield the then CEO I agreed to become an Oldfields distributor.

As time progressed supplying and installing garden sheds became my full time occupation. I find providing solutions to peoples storage requirements with practical high quality sheds very rewarding and am happy to share my experience and knowledge to help provide the perfect outcome for my customers storage needs.

I have built my reputation over 12 years by providing a complete quality service in garden shed requirements from the base to the completed shed to hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Sydney.